Monterey United Methodist Church & AGAPE Preschool
Mission in Motion

     September 19th, the Mission in Motion Team launched the first of what we hope will be many group projects reaching beyond the walls of the church and into our surrounding community.  Church members and friends engaged in the successful destruct and new construct of a deck for our friend known lovingly as Jean the Baptist.  Members engaged in a variety of ways.  Those not doing the actual demolition took nails from the boards and stacked lumber while some measured, hammered, and built a new deck.  Still others were engaged in providing and serving the team with lunch, snacks, and water.  The fellowship was a side benefit as persons worked alongside one another.  Beginning and ending with devotion and prayer goes hand and hand with the awesome task of partnering with God.

Mission in Motion

Those that helped with the deck project are..


Frances Eldridge

Paul & Dixie Cole

Len & Meretha Durham

Bren Daugherty

Brad Daugherty

Bob & Vicky Henley

Ron & Victoria Williamson

Priscilla Ford

Deborah Wolfe

Al Bevan

Dan Sheffler

Patsy King

Marlon Lazuka

Tom & Vickie Gibson

David & Judy Webster

Tommy Hay

Donald Sauls

Adam Marquita

Sheila Mills

Kay Wiggins

Bill & Sandy Smalley

Larry & Edna Drysdale

Cynthia Humphries

Jean Cianci